For INOUTSIDE, David Wampach, Takao Kawaguchi and fukudapero present a two-day ‘viral’ forum. A collective experiment exploring ‘virally inspired future’, INOUTSIDE allows various viruses (artists, performers, scientists, walk-in audiences) to join the host cell (the event) for a multitude of events from performances, exhibitions, screenings, symposiums, to night parties. Through such multidimensional possibilities, participants will be able to deeply and corporally engage with the virus to exchange different perspectives, thoughts, opinions, feelings and ideas, to explore and find a different form of intimacy.

<Leading Artists>

choreographer and performer • Takao Kawaguchi
artist, poet, multi-modal anthropologist • fukudapero
choreographer and performer • David Wampach


10/1 Fri 9:00-20:00
10/2 Sat 9:00-20:00

<Guest Artists>

artist, designer • Pei-Ying Lin
musician, sound artist • YuUkiKATAYAMA
tea designer • Toshiaki Sakaimusicand founder, development therapist • Yumi Fukuda/ musicandcultural anthropologist • Tomohisa Satoneurologist, medical sociologist • Tatsuya Mimavirologist • Akiko Makino


Administration • Karen Jouve (FR),Ayako Miyake (JP)
Visual Design Noriko Okaku
Production• Association Achles, INOUTSIDE Project
Supported by • The Saison Foundation
Endorsement• Embassy of France, Institut Français Japon