Time of MA

Experience the Fat

Kyoto’s Fatima concept store offers a new experience.
Enjoy a variety of experiences through tea, from coffee to workshops.

Time of MA

  • Tea
    -Japanese tea,Comparison and Pairing
  • Foods
    -Chakaiseki and Sweets
  • Culture
    -Arts,Craft,sound and Tradition
  • Fragrance
  • 5 sense/five senses
  • Events
  • Workshop/Experience
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Enjoy the world of tea

We offer more than 200 varieties of Japanese teas to suit your taste. Chinese and Taiwanese teas are also available.
Enjoy the distinctive taste and aroma of each tea.


  • Matcha
  • Japanese Greentea
  • Others
    – Roasted tes/hojicha,Local tea
  • Chinese style/Chinese tea

Coffee shop/a kind of 2000
Tea Comparison/Three kinds 3,500
Japanese tea lecture ask

Various Japanese Teas

The Strange Combination of Tea and Food

Suggesting tea and food pairings and ways of eating, and
We are exploring new tea and food possibilities.

Tea and Food

  • Pairing/Tea and Food
    Tea between the -○
  • Ochazuke / Ochazuke sweets
    -tea making

Tea in the ________ 3300
Chama 2000

Tea pairing

Enjoy the world of tea

From a seat at the counter to enjoy a modern interpretation of hospitality following the ideas of the tea ceremony,
We welcome you in a variety of styles, including tea ceremony room seating.


  • Tea ceremony
    -Morden(on the table),Tradition(In tea room)
  • Tea ceremony and Japanese cuisine

Tea Ceremony 4400~.
Tea Ceremony 6000~.

Create a scent

We will create a fragrance that is familiar to you.

smell (esp. a good smell)

  • Kasuka
    -From tea/Japanese tea and plants, personal blend/Kagori-zukuri

Japanese tea × plants, kagori-zukuri 6150
Aromatic 12100

Create a scent

Friday 11:00-16:00

use all five senses

Use all five senses to look at yourself

satisfy one’s appetite

  • Tea of 5sences

Tea of the Senses 5500

Sat & Sun 10:00-