Enjoy tea more leisurely

We sell and serve select teas from dedicated manufacturers throughout Japan.

As a team of professionals in all areas of Japanese tea we aim to make this store a place where visitors can encounter and enjoy a wide variety of rare and unique tea products.


Tea selectors

  • Tyas Sosen

    Tea master from Belgium
    Introducing Japanese tea culture to the world as certified instructor in the warior-style Enshu school of tea ceremony.
    As state certified Japanese tea instructor his mission is to make organic artisan teas accessible outside of Japan.

  • Furutani Masatoshi

    Owner and tea sommelier at tea bar Mikoto in Kanazawa
    Curating a tea selection with focus on fragrance

  • Christian Luther

    Tea vendor and owner at German tea shop Yutaka Tee
    Offering a selection of conventional Japanese tea with an excellent balance between aroma and umami flavor.