Jimi -Dashi Cuishine-

Jimi means ‘flavor’ in Japanese
The food we serve here is rich in umami and nourishment and is based on the wabi sabi spirit derived from the Japanese tea ceremony.

Together with our dashi soup stock and authentic ingredients we hope that you may enjoy the food as part of the spatial environment.


About Jimi’s food

The soup stock dashi used for the meals at Jimi are vegan/vegetarian sea weed based as is customary for Zen Buddhist Shojin cuisine.
It is this soup stock that serves as the base for our meals.
We offer a synergy between our dashi soup stock and the different ingredients we use.

Flat table

The base for all our dishes is vegetarian Zen-style cooking.
Should you wish however, we can also prepare fish and meat.
Taking a vegetarian base for all our plates allows us to accommodate a variety of people with different food preferences.
Let’s put our differences aside and enjoy delicious Japanese food at the same table.