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Japanese tea

Time and Space with Tea

Special tea of MA

A new way to enjoy tea proposed by MA
Choose from two types of menus


One-plate menu featuring tea and food combinations
This is a plate of three kinds of tea paired with three kinds of sweet dishes. Please enjoy the changing tastes and aromas of the combination.

3,300- /person


The tea course proposed by Fatima is a course that brings together the essence of MA.
The course is a combination of all the contents with additional elements.

¥5,500- /person

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Time of MA

Here you can spend time enjoying a cup of tea.
One hour of seating will be reserved.
Please spend a luxurious time with the tea that changes from two to three brewings.

Enjoy tea

Enjoy a kind of tea in a leisurely forget time.

2,000- /person

Creamy Matcha latte

Enjoy a rich and creamy matcha latte and tea sweets for an intense experience.

2,000- /person

designed tea

New tea experience with monthly changing designed teas and pairings

2,000- /person

exquisite delicacies of tea ceremony

Please enjoy the sweets completed by pouring tea over them, and the strangeness of the combination of tea and sweets.

2,000- /person

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Tea Experience

A Touch of Tea Culture

Know Your Tea

Tea Taste Comparison~Enjoy the difference between teas

Choose three types of tea and enjoy the differences between them

¥3,500- /person

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Cha no Yu

CHAJI /Chakaiseki course of MA

Chakaiseki and Odatemae (Tea Ceremony) in the ◯ama style

Cha-kaiseki: 1 set (soup, mukozuke, rice), simmered dish, grilled dish, appetizer, pickles, and hot water in a bucket with chazuke
■Tea Sweets

[About the seats…
This is for 11:00 start only.
Usually, we will guide you at the counter, but if you wish, we can also guide you to the tea room for tea ceremony.

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have a cup of tea

We offer a casual and enjoyable otsukumae dining experience.
You can experience the tea ceremony at the counter or in a Japanese-style room.

4,400- /person

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Tea that touches the senses

smell (esp. a good smell)

From tea / Japanese tea and plants Making kagori

A scent that fits you.
We will make it for you.

7,150- /person

Personal blend/Kosoe

A scent that fits you.
We will make it for you.

12,100- /person

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Well Being

Tea for the senses

This is a program to sharpen the five senses and look at oneself.

[About the seats…
This is for 10:00 start only.

¥5,500- /person

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