touch on the design

To be exposed to and use the expressions that artists and craftsmen have conceived and created
Here are some of the items that make up the “Fat Room.

Arts & Crafts

  • pottery
    -Tea ware,Sake ware
  • Traditional Arts
  • Fashion
Pictures of Tea Utensils

be related (by blood)

The works we offer in our store are all by people who are connected to Xhama by fate.
We are a place that connects these people with our customers.


  • Pottery
    -Mato Ikeda, Yu Kanai, Shinya Taniguchi and More
  • Traditional Arts
    -Kiyomizu ware/Sojigama kiln
    Kyoto Yuzen/Sachi Manabe,Bamboo Crafts/Nagaoka Meitake
  • leathercraft
    -Indigo dyed skin/zero
Store Scenery